Our company was established by Cemal Calisir (Master Cook Cemal) by spiritual support of the period’s Minister Ihsan Sabri Caglayangil in its current location, Old Bus Terminal, in 1964. Master Cemal who started work with his brother Cemil Calisir ceased his business life for 44 years recently and assigned his business to his brothers, children and started to enjoy retirement. He still visits his restaurants and meets his guests friendly.

We said that we have waited for many years. Yes, the understanding that everything is good in its place caused us to think considerably. How could we protect this taste out of Bursa. How would we prepare our meat as in Bursa and send to our branch restaurants. It was not appropriate to freeze our products as freezing meat would cause it to lose its taste. Finally, we finished our works by preparing and sending it in the form of leaf to our branches and we tried in Kozyatagi that was our first Istanbul branch restaurant... PERFECT! Yes, we also caught the taste we would put our signature here. We did not put anything at risk and we carried everything including butter, coal, grape juice, pita and even tomato sauce we have been using for 44 years from Bursa to Istanbul every day. WE FINALLY ACHIEVED!!! No freezing!! Everything is the same and by the traditional method...

Old Bursa Kebab Restaurants ... 1894

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