MEAT: Our standard meat cutting is made in a certain thickness but some of our guests like thinner cutting. Of course, we expect them to express such likings during order.

PITA: We kindly request our guests to express to our service personnel whether they want their pita as soft or crispy. Otherwise, pita is taken from the furnace in a standard form. This causes complaints by some of our guests that it is soft.

BUTTER: Our butter is specially produced 60% from goat’s milk and 40% from cow’s milk and very dominated. When consumed much, it may cause digestive problems in our guests not accustomed. So, we expect them to state as little or much butter. In the past, we present the butter on the table in classical method without asking our guests. However, since very hot butter causes danger in table service, it is made extra when additional butter is ordered.

TOMATO SAUCE: Our Bursa Kebab is presented by the addition of a little tomato sauce on the pita as standard. However, we also present tomato sauce on the meat for our guests if they desire.

HERSE SAUCE: Our seasonal sauce consists of tophane aubergine, local tomato and butter. As understood from the ingredients, it is seasonal and presented in May-October.

STUM: Our stum is made by crushing dried grape and adding water after reaching paste temper. Dryness and sugar may vary depending on current condition of dry grape. Since it is not made from a durable material, it is not sufficiently available in our branch restaurants all the time.
Stum is our own manufacture and is not fresh grape stum. It is known that common stum is obtained by separating grape from its stalks during fresh grape season and adding hot water and following a fermentation process for 1 day. However, producing stum during 12 months is only possible with dry grape. Stum is yellow. It gets its dark color thanks to tannin contained on grape peel during fermentation with black grape and unfortunately when the color is obtained the stum becomes the wine we call as home wine since it turns in vinegar. Thus, stum becomes light yellow. However, it is colored by food paint to prevent any psychological reaction of our valuable customers. Our grapes are organic grapes supplied from the city of Manisa. (Their certificates are available in our branches) Stum is added by sugar and colorant following a fermentation of 12 hours in the barrels made from mulberry tree. It is shipped to our branches in rust-free barrels. Since it is grape-based, reactions as grape juice, compote are unfortunately mistake of evaluation sometimes. As a matter of fact, stum is grape-rooted in fact. It becomes sour when it is waited but it is short-lived.

YOGHURT: Our yoghurt is produced without skin specially. It is presented as much as a soup spoon on the kebab dish. However, some of our guests order yoghurt separate from the kebab dish. In such a case, additional meat is required on the dish instead of yoghurt and yoghurt is presented in a separate dish, so our enterprise may demand extra fee.

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