The best food is often found in unremarkable, even divelike places. Although Grandpa Iskender has the historical corner on the döner kebap recipe, this place has perfected it. Located in two narrow storefronts near the old bus terminal, the Uludag Kebapçisi is arguably the best place in the world to eat the Iskender döner kebap. You can order it with decadent slices of steak (bonfile), surprisingly delicious kidney (böbrek), or what the owner called "back" (kantifile) -- but don't complain to me if your cholesterol levels shoot through the roof: Uludag goes through 18 kilos (40 lb.) of butter per day. Throw caution to the wind, and top it all off with the sütlü helva, a heavenly milk pudding served mainly in the cooler months.

Difference of this Kebab is hidden in its butter (03.05.2008 ) (Sabah)

You may eat Iskender Kebab cooked by brothers Cemal and Cemil in a shed-like restaurant in Bursa in their branch opened in Istanbul Kozyatagi as well. Smell of the butter poured on the doner made from the tasteful lamb is sufficient enough in Uludag Kebab Restaurant.

I may drive for kilometers of roads for a tasteful meal. I do not omit to visit a restaurant I learned to be good during my travels and I try to set my time in a way to be present there in time of meal. In recent years, if I will pass from Bursa during my travel by car, I prepare my stomach during travel for kebab of the small Uludag Kebab Restaurant on the narrow street facing the area of old Bus Station Terminal. You may find odd that while there is Bursa style kebab everywhere, why I like maybe the narrowest, smallest restaurant of Bursa so much. You are right to find odd, if you do not so care a good meal that is tasteful. However, if you are happy to catch the best taste, taste the meals produced by the master cooks caring their work like me, then you will agree with me. In fact, Uludag Kebab Restaurant, opened by the brothers Cemal and Cemil in its current location opposite of the former Bus Station Terminal in 1964, is neither the oldest nor the most famous kebab restaurant of Bursa. This kebab was firstly developed by Mehmetoglu Iskender Efendi ensured such a kebab to be called as “Iskender Kebab” in 1867.

ULUDAG KEBAB RESTAURANT (HURRIYET 28.12.2007 FOOD & BEVERAGE) Haunt of famous people

Uludag Kebab Restaurant providing service in Bursa render service in its location across Bus Station terminal for 39 years as a location descended from father to son, from son to grandchild.In the workplace opened by Cemal Calisir with his brother Cemil Calisir, approximately 200 customers are served in a day. It has customers for 53 years. The famous guests include Tarik Akan, Behzat Uygur, Emel Sayin, Metin Akpinar, Ajda Pekkan, Yilmaz Erdogan and Turkan Soray. They are said not to return without visiting Uludag Kebab Restaurant when they are in Bursa. The price established by the municipality is applied. It is open in between 11.00a.m.-18.00p.m. on each weekday.


Is there anybody who does not like Iskender? In fact, I have never heard anybody...

Of course, Iskender must be eaten in Bursa as motherland of Iskender. In this motherland, there are so many kebab restaurants. If you ask which one is the best, the only address is Uludag Kebab Restaurant in the Old Bus Terminal, alias “Kebapci Cemal Baba’nin Yeri” (Kebab Restaurant of Father Cemal). Uludag Kebab Restaurant owned by the brothers Cemal and Cemil is a place uttered by everybody... It does not need such an advertisement.. It is already a well-known taste. It is operated by the brothers Cemal and Cemil since 1964... Special guests coming from the four sides of Turkey and from abroad prefer to eat Iskender Kebab in Uludag Kebab Restaurant in the former bus terminal. Indispensable location of Iskender Kebab leaving an excellent taste in mouths with taste of its meat, privateness of its butter, taste of its yoghurt, ember of its fire and cutting by its master cook... It remains just on the left when you climb up from the street across the former bus terminal, from a narrow street..The smell spread over the street is already enough to attract you there...

The location is a small shop and there are a lot of waiters inside… You may understand from the photos covering interior walls those preferring the location among those caring taste… Your order is presented in a very short time with hot butter smells worthy of your mouth. Its pitas are in a lightly crispy temper... I do not remember that I ate less than 1.5 or double portion :) I also suggest you to eat choke-full as you came. For crowded groups, the best is eating in small groups... Otherwise, delivering hot Iskender to many people at the same time is a bit difficult... If you would go in a crowded group, you should event book in advance… I recommend you to taste this delicate taste spreading from the palate to the lips in its place and allow your stomach to be delighted with this taste unchanged for many years.


What does excellence mean? Maybe, first of all, excellence is the approach to a life, job, craft of a person. When I approached to Sir Cengiz from the family at the end of meal and stated that the butter they used was very good, a thoughtful expression appeared on his face. He replied: "In fact, the best is the one from goat’s milk but it is not sufficiently available”.
Excellence is to know that "excellence" is not easy. Not indulging to short cut works, being easygoing...
It is a custom for us anymore. Locations newly opened try to take root through unbelievable “advertisements”. There are those which are initially of high quality. Later on, quality falls down. Firstly,  material quality. Lower the quality and increase the prices... Let’s see how long it survives! What a pity that some of them succeed.
When general trend is in this direction, my admiration to the persons “spinning otherwise” increases since they are, first of all, respectful to themselves increases as well. Furthermore, such kind of people are not indulgent to the Turkish style tricks like “Brother, money is not important for us; I do this job for pleasure" looking just into your eyes.

They do not cut and wait doner.
Portion of doner is YTL 15 in Uludag. In my opinion, you would give your blessing. Why? First of all, the meat used is very tasteful. Of course, the most important thing in doner business is meat quality. Let’s say you like lamb chop. There is a great difference between tastes of any supermarket’s lamb and the chop you purchase from “Gunaydin butcher’s shop” in Bostanci for instance, isn’t there? Well, the same difference exists between any doner shop and the best ones.
The meat they use is mostly lamb meat. More tasteful. Yoghurt is very good. Butter is the same. Tomato sauce is appropriate. It was not poured so much to mask taste of meat.
Doner was done to a turn. I noticed. They cut it after the order. They do not cut it in advance and wait it. It is not burnt. The meat does not remain on fire and is not continued to be cooked. Of course, doner is not presented us immediately following the order. They cut it according to order arrangement. You wait nearly for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, you feel hungrier looking at your neighbors eating heartily.
They use charcoal. I wonder what kind of woods they use. This matter not cared so much in our country is attached very much importance in such countries which showed a great progress in kitchen like Spain. Master cooks of grill do not explain composition of the wood they use to anybody like a trade secret. Meat and fish made by a good grill master are much more delicious especially with high quality ingredients than any meals cooked by many “creative” head cooks but by other techniques for example cooked by method of gas oven or vacuum. Slight smell of smut coming from hot wood fits well to fish and meat.


HAKKI DAYI 05.05.2007

Fortunately, I managed to taste this flavor finally, I allowed my stomach to be delighted and I found an opportunity to converse both with the brothers Cemal - Cemil Calisir and their waiter called Rambo (Mehmet Aktan) working here for many years. Some notes from my visit;
Master Cook Cemal has a story of business establishment reminding 1001 Arabian Nights:) Master Cook Cemal came Bursa as a migrant from Bulgaria when he was 15. We worked in kebab restaurant of Nurettin Iskenderoglu who was one of 3 sons of Iskender Iskenderoglu who was creator of Iskender Kebab for 15 years. He promoted up to kebab master cook by attracting attention of Sir Nurettin with his skill and diligence. He learned during the years when he worked there that Iskenderoglu was buying the meat from a butcher’s shop in Inegol regularly. And acted accordingly, he married with one of 2 daughters of the butcher in any way and caused his brother Cemil to marry with other daughter. Then, they established their own kebab restaurant and reached today… They use veal and lamb together in kebab. One of the most significant features of his kebab is use of lamb fed by savory in addition to other grasses it eats in the district of Inegol. Thyme is said to add another taste to the meat. Another feature of the kebab is separation of nerves of the meat during its preparation. A different characteristic of Iskender kebab is also collective use of part mat opened in the form of a leaf and ground meat. Use of stripped bone in ground meat is one of the factors increasing taste of kebab because meat close to the bone is said to be tasteful all the time. Master Cook Cemal wakes up at 5 every morning, prepares his meats with a work lasting nearly for 4 hours. They may sell average 60-70 kg. meat in a day, this figure may reach 100kg. in busy days. It is said that it is a privilege to invite Master Cook Cemal to marriage ceremonies and special invitations which take place in Bursa and include his Iskender Kebab in the menu.

Friday – May 07, 2004 Top 10 Bursa Kebab Restaurants of Turkey

We knew and ate it as Iskender kebab in the past. Later on, when Iskender was registered on behalf of a single company, its name became Bursa kebab. Some call it as yoghurt kebab. Yet, it is called as Iskender among people but it is written as Bursa kebab on restaurant signboards, menus or name of the location is put in front of the kebab.

Bursa kebab is liked by many people. It is one of the foods firstly reminded when we are very hungry dreaming a meal. Yoghurt served with it and hot butter poured on it is one of its prerequisites. We asked our major jury 19 addresses cooking the best Bursa kebab of Turkey this week. It was not surprising that the top one is in Bursa. There are three Uludag Kebab restaurants but just those in Istanbul and Ankara belong to the same family. The best 10 addresses of Turkey as to Bursa kebab are presented below.

Cuma - 07 Mayis 2004 Türkiye’nin en iyi 10 Bursa kebapçısı

TOP 10

1. Uludag Kebab Restaurant Master Cook Cemal & Cemil- Bursa 6. Niyazi bey - Istanbul
2. Hacibey - Istanbul 7. Iskender Iskenderoglu - Bursa
3. Uludag Meat Restaurant - Istanbul 8. Bayulgen - Antalya
4. Bursa Kebab Restaurant - Istanbul 9. Gokceli- Adana
5. Uludag Kebab Restaurant - Ankara 10. Altinkapi - Izmir

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